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Jonathan McHugh

McHugh has produced over 35 films and TV shows On the music supervision spectrum, he has supervised close to 100 films,. To date, he has produced TV series with some of music’s biggest stars including Janis Joplin’s highly regarded documentary, “Janis: Little Girl Blue,” Lionsgate‘s “Snoop Dogg‘s Hood Of Horror,  “Repo The Genetic Opera,” (Sarah Brightman) Lifetime’s “Flying By” (Billy Ray Cyrus) and the Discovery’ TV’s “Battle Ground Earth” (Ludacris & Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee).  His experience working in the marketing departments of film companies like New Line Cinema and DeLaurentis Entertainment puts him in the unique position of being able to create as well as market strong visual media content. As a film producer McHugh produced hit films like Paramount’s “Justin Beiber: Never Say Never,” “Crossroads” starring Britney Spears, as well as the Janis documentary, “Janis: Little Girl Blue” , Morgan Spurlocks “Greatest Movie Ever Sold” and many others. As a TV producer McHugh has helped produce great music-oriented series content like Viacom’s “Sun Records” and Discovery’s “Battleground Earth.” 

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