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Man in the Camo Jacket (2017)

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City of Ali


This documentary tells the story of how the death of Muhammad Ali brought the people of his Kentucky hometown - and the world - together. Ali was a unique figure in human history – a worldwide icon in sports, civil rights, religion and popular culture. His passing on June 3, 2016 made his hometown the epicenter of a global outpouring of affection and appreciation during a sensitive time in our country’s history. 

The documentary also provides historical context for the unprecedented celebration of one man’s amazing life through interviews with TV legend Dick Cavett, L.A. Times and ESPN sportswriter Bill Plaschke (a Louisville native), Pulitzer Prize-winning historians like Doris Kearns Goodwin, the Washington Post’s David Marannis and many others who gathered in Louisville to answer the question, “How do you say goodbye to The Greatest?“ 


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