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We are committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains what that means—how Song Stew Entertainment collects, uses and protects information we receive about you.


Privacy Policy for Children Under 13


Under no circumstances do we require children under the age of 13 to provide us with any personally identifiable information and we do not require children under the age of 13 to provide us with any more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in and make use of this site. If you are a child under the age of 13 get the approval of one of your parents or guardian before you post any such personal information. Have your parents email us their authorization for you to submit any personally identifiable information. We have the right at any time to alert your parent or guardian about this Privacy Policy. Any such information will not be provided to any third parties (except for those fulfilling certain services, as described below), and only if and when a parent or guardian provides permission to do so. Parents can send us an email changing or deleting the personally identifiable information of their child or children at any time. Send the email to You can accelerate review of that request by putting into the subject line “Children.”


Privacy Policy for All Others


Information We Receive


We collect different types of information and each type is treated in a different manner. “Use Information” relates to the use of our websites or other services (such as the newsletter) and it is aggregated so that no one person can be identified from that information. That information is often known as “Non-Personally Identifiable Information” or “NPII.” Often, such NPII comes from the use of cookies (which we describe below) or IP addresses. This information helps us to enhance and improve our services.

“Personal Information” is known also as “Personally Identifiable Information” or “PII.” This means what it says: Information about who you are and may include an email address, a mailing address, your preferences and the like. It may include financial information, which we call “Personal Financial Information.”


The information we receive comes from multiple sources. The “non-personally identifiable” information, or NPII, comes usually from your use of one of

our websites or other services, based on the cookies and things like an IP address. We receive the personal information, or PII, when you use one of our services where you are specifically asked to provide the information. That use might include registering on a website or subscribing to our newsletter or other services, such as a contest or sweepstakes. Naturally, if you email us we will have to keep that information so that we can respond to you and keep records of the communications. In addition, we receive your personal information from our third party partners, as long as they have given you an opportunity to opt-in or opt-out (or both). In those cases, you might have registered at a website for a television show, for example, that we are producing. We rarely receive Personal Financial Information but if so, it is only for very specific reasons. Either you have purchased something from us or you have purchased something from someone else and we are responsible for fulfilling that order.

Cookies. We use “cookies” to identify you when you visit this site, which enables us to improve the website and our other services, and in some cases to personalize the website and other services according to your preferences (if that is what you want). Cookies are explained at


Blogs, Social Networking and User-generated Content.


Please note that sometimes people will post personal information in a blog or a social networking feature or when they post user-generated content (such as a video). We will not use the information you post unless you tell us that the use is permitted. However, we cannot control the use of information that you post for others to view. Be careful.


How Information Is Used


We use the Non-personal, or NPII, information to determine website use and change its design and content, to manage relationships with advertisers and to determine our products, services and overall development. Once again, NPII is used in an aggregate form, rather than to identify any individual.

We use personal, or PII, information to communicate with you in replying to a question or comment you may have sent us or, where you have opted in by sending you something such as a newsletter or information about our products and services, including those provided with others or on behalf of others. In addition, we may ask you to take a survey. If we run a contest or sweepstakes, then we will have to be in touch with you. Similarly, if you wish to participate in any blogs or social networks, then we may have to communicate with you as to your postings or other participation.


When We Share Information


There are situations in which we share your information. The type of sharing will depend upon the importance of your information, whether or not you have opted in (or out) of such use and the security of the use by the third parties with whom we share the information.

Non-personally identifiable information is shared only in aggregate form, with our affiliates, partners or advertisers.

We share personally identifiable information, or PII, in the following situations:


You opted in (and your opt-in is still current) when you registered with us or you affirmatively permitted us to use it (e.g., when you subscribe to a newsletter) or you have done so with one of our partners.
You use a website or services that we offer with another partner.
We use a vendor to provide certain services like customer support, email services, data processing, order fulfillment or other such service. In those cases, those vendors are allowed to use the information only to fulfill their functions in providing those services to us or to you. They will not have any permanent right to use that information (except to archive it for legal purposes).
You need to be contacted by us or on our behalf, such as when you win a contest ors sweepstakes or you have called, emailed or otherwise contacted us and a reply is appropriate.
You opt out (or, for example, unsubscribe to a newsletter) and we need to contact you or provide that information to other parties involved in providing that service or who have received your information through other relationships we have.
Legal reasons require us to provide that information, such as a court order, a subpoena or other legal or regulatory processes.
We believe that your actions violate laws, regulations or our terms of use or others’ rights and/or safety are threatened.
Personal Financial Information, though rarely collected, will always be used only to fulfill an order you have made either with us or with someone else and we are fulfilling that order. We maintain secure systems for such information.


How to Change Information or its Use


If you do not wish to receive information from us or our partners you can check the appropriate box or click on the link specified for doing so that are located where you first used that particular service. For example, if you registered for the use of a website or service, then you will find that box there. If you want to unsubscribe to a newsletter, you can do so either at the newsletter page or by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter itself. In some cases, you may have provided that information at another site, in which case you will need to go to that site to opt out. Please understand that removing you from the databases may take some time, so have patience.


You should also be able to update your information in the same way. However, you can also email us at with that request. Please put in the subject line: User Information. Please understand that this method will be much slower than doing it on the website because we have to do it by hand, so to speak.


Linked Sites


Our website and other services contain links to the sites and services of other parties. Sometimes these are the sites and services of our partners and sometimes they are those of advertisers. When you click on those links you will be taken to those sites. At that time, you will be subject to the privacy and other policies of those sites. We strongly recommend that you check those policies before you use those sites or services, as we are not responsible for those services.


Security of Information


We take precautions to for the security of information we receive about users. For example, we offer encrypted transactions when you are purchasing from us. We cannot warrant the security of any information that you submit to us, and you do so at your own risk.


Changes in Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. Any changes will only have an effect on future use and will not affect any activities in the past. Some changes, such as notification procedures and the like, will take effect as soon as they are posted. For other changes we will send notification or, if that is too cumbersome, we will post a notice directing you to the change and informing you when it will take effect. In any cases, you will have the opportunity to opt out because of those changes. Please check this page periodically to view our most current Privacy Policy, which we will identify as such.


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